METRO CEO George Greanias Returns To Work

I was off on Monday, so I’m a little late posting this update.

By now you know that METRO CEO George Greanias has returned to work after serving a one week suspension for violating the agency’s electronic communications policy.

I’m posting the full text of the letter he sent to employees of  METRO.

Statement of METRO President & CEO George Greanias

I want to address my recent suspension and the embarrassing and difficult situation I brought upon myself.  Let me start by saying that I am ready to get back to work today. My mission is to deliver the best transportation system in America for our riders, taxpayers, employees and all our citizens.

I made a terrible mistake by not only violating METRO policy, but also by letting down everyone in this agency and the public. There was no excuse for my behavior and I won’t offer one. I broke our policy and I broke trust with METRO employees and the public.  I am truly sorry and apologize to every METRO employee, every METRO board member, elected officials, stakeholders, every METRO rider and to the public.  I take full responsibility and have accepted my suspension without pay as appropriate and justified.

 The best way I know how to redeem myself is to deliver better transportation that provides easier commutes and helps build a stronger economy. That’s been my goal since I got here, and it remains my goal.   The hallmark values of the New METRO are transparency and accountability. We work every day to solve problems – and that includes acknowledging problems so that we can solve them.

 I am deeply saddened and embarrassed that I created a problem. My employers have acknowledged that and have been completely open and transparent with the public and the media.  I strongly support that.   They have imposed a punishment on me that is serious and appropriate. I also strongly support that – because leaders should be held to a high standard.

I want to be very clear that while I violated METRO’s policy, and I broke trust with METRO and the public, I did not break the law. I understand that breaking trust is just as serious, and I am dedicating myself to making amends for that. The issue here is not my personal life; the issue is my public job. I have accepted my punishment from the board and now I am ready to get back to work and focus on the transportation needs for our community.

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