What Democrats Are Saying About Governor Perry

By now you know that Governor Rick Perry is scheduled to make a major announcement this weekend in South Carolina about his plans to enter the race for the GOP nomination for President.

No surprise. Governor Perry has been flirting with the decision for weeks and members of the media have reported on his every move.

Texas Democrats are ready to start attacking on the campaign trail.

(news release)



(Austin, TX) – Today, Rick Perry’s spokesman confirmed the Governor will run for President, and will make the announcement Saturday, as predicted.

“Not surprising, Rick Perry is making his announcement in South Carolina instead of Texas – there’s nowhere in the Lone Star State he could announce without an angry mob showing up,” said Texas Democratic Party Spokeswoman Kirsten Gray.

“The real “Texas miracle” is that the Governor dares talk about our jobs, after demanding a state budget that will lay off tens of thousands of our teachers and kill hundreds of thousands of jobs.  For Rick Perry, the only job that matters is his own – and starting Saturday, he can finally be honest about why he’s spent the entire year ignoring the problems he created at home.

“As Texans, it’s our responsibility to let voters across the nation know the truth about Rick Perry – that he’s been a disaster as Governor and would make an even worse President,” Gray concluded.

The reality behind Perry’s “Texas economy” talking points:


Rick Perry demanded a state budget that could kill hundreds of thousands of jobs

Fact: “Texas could see 335,000 jobs disappear over the next two years if lawmakers adopt the $83.8 billion budget that will go before the state House late next week, according to a state agency…

Harsh spending cuts in the budget could cost more than 146,000 private sector jobs and 189,000 government jobs, according to estimates released Wednesday by the Legislative Budget Board, a bipartisan committee.

This projection, which is based on mathematical calculations, runs counter to the pro-job push underway by Gov. Rick Perry and Republican lawmakers.”

ü  Source: “Texas budget could cost more than 335,000 jobs” – CNN Money


Perry is “creating” extremely low-wage jobs

Fact: More than half a million workers in Texas earn no more than the minimum wage – that’s more than twice as many minimum wage workers as any other state.

ü  Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Minimum wage workers in Texas 2010


Rick Perry’s Texas was more dependent on stimulus funds than any other state

“Turns out Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

ü  Source: CNN “Texas balanced budget with stimulus money from Washington”


Perry’s “economic miracle” is a mirage that he owes to federal stimulus funds

Fact: “Almost half of the state’s job growth the past two years was led by education, health care and government, the sectors of the economy that will now take a hit as federal stimulus money runs out and the Legislature’s 8 percent cut in state spending translates into thousands of layoffs among state workers and teachers in the coming weeks.”

“Construction, manufacturing and information sectors lost jobs overall.”

ü  Source: Austin American-Statesman Should Perry get credit for Texas economy?


Perry’s Texas suffers from unemployment

Fact: “In May, some 985,656 Texans were unemployed, virtually unchanged from a year ago, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.”

ü  Source

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