Did Houston’s City Attorney Cross The Line?

It looks like the bad blood is getting worse between Houston city attorney Dave Feldman and Council Member Jolanda Jones.

Sources told me today that Feldman openly mocked Jones during a recent meeting inside his legal offices inside city hall.

According to my sources, Feldman dressed up and started talking like Jones.

He allegedly made fun or her style of dress and her notoriously long winded speeches.

While some people laughed, according to my sources. the incident made others feel uncomfortable

Some felt it was inappropriate for the city’s top legal officer to openly make fun of an elected official.

City Hall spokesperson Janice Evans is downplaying the incident and disputing key elements of the story.

Evans told me that Feldman received a gag gift described as a pair of ladies “long feather earrings”.

He was dared to put them on and he did.

Evans says Feldman never mentioned Jones by name.

According to Evans, this was Feldman’s attempt to inject some levity into what has been some challenging times.

In case you don’t know, Jones often sports a pair of feather earrings during council meetings.

She and Feldman are also known to be snippy with each other.

Feldman conducted the recent investigation into allegations that Jones used her council office and staff to conduct business for her legal practice.

Jones recently filed a complaint against Feldman with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Meanwhile,’Jones spokesperson, Kelly Cripe, issued this statement: “If this is true, we are disappointed by the actions of the city attorney. In his office, he should exude the highest standards of impartiality, justice and fairness. The people of Houston deserve better.”

I have not received a statement from Feldman at the time of this blog post.

I’m also told there is a photo being passed around of Feldman wearing the earrings, but I haven’t seen one.

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