Rep. Coleman Wants University of Houston in the Big 12

With Wednesday’s announcement that Texas A&M is jumping ship and moving to the SEC, the Southeastern Conference, State Representative Garnet Coleman believes the University of Houston should get a close look by the Big 12.

Here’s the statement released by Rep. Coleman. We’ll see what happens.

HOUSTON – Representative Garnet F. Coleman (D-Houston) renewed his call for the University of Houston to be invited to join the Big 12 and issued the following statement upon news of Texas A&M giving notice that it will be leaving the league. With Texas A&M officially announcing that they plan to leave the Big 12, the conference needs at least one other school to remain viable:

“As I have made clear before, no other school makes as much sense for the Big 12 as does the University of Houston.

There is no doubt that Texas A&M’s departure leaves a Texas-sized void in the conference. A&M is a Tier One university, the second largest school in the state, and a university steeped in Texas tradition. While these will be difficult shoes to fill, no other potential candidate will be able to fulfill this role like UH.

Outside of UT and A&M, UH is the only other public Tier One university in the state. It is the flagship university of the state’s largest city and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. Along with this comes a giant media market, a potentially huge fan base, and a large amount of alumni itching for UH to finally be able to compete with the country’s best programs. Like the city of Houston itself, UH is a burgeoning and dynamic institution just waiting to vault into the national spotlight.”

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