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  1. Yo Mary…….What part if “illegal alien” don’t you understand. They have no “rights’ in this country. Deport immediately!

  2. We are all behind Victoria and Joel during this ordeal.
    I believe that the truth will prevail, I believe Victoria
    is telling the truth.

    God Bless

  3. I support Victoria & Joel I beleive that these two are doing the work of the Lord. I do beleive that sometimes we have to stand against the evil of this world and I beleive Victoria is taking the high road not the easy one to just pay this individual off but to stand for what is right.

  4. It is clear that all Mrs. Brown and her attorney are trying to do is to use Mrs. Brown’s “position” to make money. As some of us know, that flight attendants have the authority to have a person removed from a flight and even arrested if they feel that the passengers or the flight are in danger. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad they are able to do that (it makes me feel safer). But some of them take advantage of that privilege, because they know the captain and the authorities are going to believe their word over anyone else. This days people like Mrs. Brown are trying to win the “lawsuit lottery” by trying to make up stories like this one. The only thing that she will get from this, is the embarrassment to have her HEMORRHOIDS problem exposed to thousands of people. Nice job Mrs. Brown.

  5. So much for fair and objective reporting. Let me guess you all go to the Olsteen Cult Church. Victoria Olsteen should apologize for her behavior and be held accountable. I don’t necessarily buy the whole post traumatic stress and the need for a cash payment to Ms. Brown. If it were just a normal business passenger, would she have sued. But the Olsteen power machine has been fully engaged.

  6. Melissa,
    I’ve never been to the “Olsteen Cult Church” (as you put it), but it is obvious what Mrs. Brown is trying to do. I do agree with you, that a person should be punished if at fault, but because of Mrs. Brown record, it seems she is abusing the power that comes with her job title and also just trying to find an easy way to early retirement.

    See the facts, and don’t let religion or whatever it is that is blinding you from the truth stop you from seeing what actually happened.

  7. Sharon Brown was not lying!
    Victoria acts like a mistress to the coward, Jim Jones. The Kool Aid Suicide Guru. Perhaps she would be more in her element if she’d lay down and “spread” it for Rusty; while fantasizing about, Oh Jimbo.
    I detest liars. Let’s face it,bimbo,Vic, is a psychopathic, narcissist. That missed the,Richmond 25, back to the trailer trash camp.
    Victoria needs to retire from prostitution because pimping ain’t easy!

  8. I do not think the mayor owes ANYBODY an apology. He has been a very good mayor. Let’s look at the good things he has done, not the petty little things. If anyone owes an apology, it’s these men who say they speak for the African American community. I am African American and they do NOT speak for me!

  9. It seems to me that the ‘community’ wasn’t offended by the mayors’ ad but the so called ‘activisits’ are at it again. There is no apparent ‘firestorm’ except the one failed by the activists. And Marion or X or whatever your name is, It is PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, not Brother Barack Obama.
    Give it a rest I’m tired of seeing this waste of time on TV

  10. I can’t believe this mess about Bill White? What’s he apologizing for? Since when is it wrong for a white man to admire Dr King and President Obama? Who is not a brother to Americans, but our Commander in Chief. I am, by the way a white woman. I was in 5th grade when my school was integrated. I grew up in a prejudiced home and was whipped a number of times because I could see that the things I was taught about black people were wrong. I believe the stripes I wore entitle me to associate myself with any American hero I choose, whatever race they are. Perhaps Mayor White has similar reasons to associate himself with people not of his race. Racial prejudice is wrong, no matter what race is being prejudiced. I earned my stripes where racial matters are concerned and wore them on my butt as a child. Come together and give it a rest.

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