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Standing up for Acorn
October 25, 2008

State Senator Rodney Ellis and State Representative Garnet Coleman joined with members of ACORN on Friday to praise the grassroots organization for the work it does in the community.

They also voiced concern about all of the national attention focused on allegations of voter fraud.

For years, Acorn has been primarily known for the work it does on issues like promoting  home ownership and fighting for affordable health care.

Lately, ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has been accused of engaging in voter fraud.

2 on the Beat has not heard of any specific allegations against ACORN in Harris County, but across the country some ACORN representatives have been under scrutiny for alleged improper completion of voter registration cards.

Some ACORN volunteers across the country have admitted they may have broken some rules in order to meet their quota for registering new voters.

Senator Ellis pointed out  ACORN has been responsible for registering 1.3 million new voters nationwide.

Most of those have been investigated and certified as valid new registrations.