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Houston Leaders React To Arizona Tragedy
January 9, 2011

Mayor Annise Parker and  Controller Ronald Green, the two highest ranking elected officials in the city of  Houston, turned to social media late Saturday night to express their shock and sadness  over the tragic shooting that critically injured Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and killed six people.

“My prayers for Gabby Giffords and all those targeted. Have met her several times. She comes often to Hstn  to see her astronaut husband.-a,”  Mayor Parker peronally tweeted in a message to her followers.

Later she added, “Got text on AZ shooting at 130 tday as I was shopping w/o security. Hate them with me on personal time but this a wakeup on why I should.-a”

Controller Green also raised the issue of security in a couple of  his tweets.

“As public servants, much of what we do is outside of our offices. AZ tragedy will impact how we all approach our duties,”  said Green in his tweet. “As a lawyer married to a judge, I’m always concerned about the reaction to judges’ rulings and to the lawyers who practice before them.”

Both Parker and Green keep busy schedules and often attend several public events a day.

Members of the general public are usually granted extraordinary close access to both officials who are often seen shaking hands and posing for  pictures with admirers.

It will be interesting to see if  they will make any drastic changes to their public schedules or security detail following the tragic shooting.