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Should UH and TCU Join The Big 12 Conference?
June 14, 2010

After several days of uncertainty for fans and intense negotiations involving university leaders, The University of  Texas and Texas A&M announced late Monday that the schools would remain part of a 10 team Big 12 conference.

But with Colorado and Nebraska leaving for other conferences, that leaves a gap in the Big 12 that State Representative Garnet Coleman thinks should be filled by Texas Schools.

Late today Coleman released a statement that The University of Houston and Texas Christian University should become part of the Big 12.

You can read his full statement below, but what do you think?

Austin–Representative Garnet F. Coleman (D-Houston) released the following statement regarding the Big XII: 

Now that UT, A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor will be staying in the Big XII, there’s one path forward for Texas’ universities that would bring the most benefit to our state: include more Texas teams in the Big XII conference.  The University of Houston and Texas Christian University have shown the ability to compete on a national playing field and should be invited to join the Big XII. 

Elevating more Texas schools would advance our student athletes and our institutions of higher education.  It would also serve as an economic boost to Houston and North Texas and the state as a whole while opening up new fan bases and large TV markets.