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Bill White announces 6-point border security plan
September 2, 2010

Both candidates for Texas Governor are stumping in the Houston area today. 

I’m on another assignment, but I’ll keep you posted on the plans being touted by Gov. Rick Perry and former Houston Mayor Bill White.

So far I’ve received White’s message.  He’s pledging to “fund boots on the ground and work effectively with federal and local leaders to secure the border.”

The entire news release is posted:
HOUSTON — Today Bill White announced his 6-point border security plan, laying the groundwork for how he will effectively to secure the border and stop gangs, drug traffickers and human traffickers.

“For almost 10 years we’ve seen empty promises and election year rhetoric from Rick Perry. Perry has failed,” said White. “Texans don’t need any more Perry photo ops and press releases. I will take action, fight hard and effectively for federal resources and work with leaders and law enforcement along the border.”

White will:

  • Fund an additional 1000 local law enforcement positions and 250 state troopers using federal grants, state appropriations and additional drug forfeiture dollars.  
  • Obtain all available federal funding to support border security and direct sufficient discretionary funding to border security efforts.
  • Use state appropriations more effectively.  
  • Establish a formal partnership with local and federal law enforcement agencies and other leaders along the border to promote public safety.
  • Revamp the Department of Public Safety to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Assist local law enforcement agencies in adopting Secure Communities, a program that ensures that criminals in the U.S. illegally are identified and turned over to federal authorities.

For plan details please visit:

White will appear in Houston, Austin and Hidalgo today:

Leaders joining him in Houston and Austin include Hidalgo Mayor John David Franz and El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles.

Additional leaders joining White in Hidalgo include Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., Representative Eddie Lucio III, Representative Aaron Peña, Cameron County Commissioners Sofia Benavides and John Wood, Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio, Hidalgo Police Chief Vernon Rosser and Palmview Police Chief Robert Barrera.

White has been endorsed by sheriffs responsible for protecting 98 percent of Texans living in counties along the border.