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Mayor Parker and Others Respond To Census Numbers
February 17, 2011

The new census numbers are out for the City of Houston and Texas.

Hispanics make up 38% of the state’s population while Houston did not gain as many new residents as predicted.

However, Mayor Annise Parker insists she will still move forward with a plan to add two new seats to city council.

I’ve posted her reaction to the census numbers along with reaction from State Reps. Garnet Coleman, Carol Alvarado and Jessica Farrar.

Mayor Parker Issues Statement About 2010 Census Numbers

“I am quite surprised by the numbers because all indications were that we had already reached a population of 2.1 million residents.  Because we are so close to that threshold, we are proceeding as planned with redistricting and the addition of two new City Council seats.  As part of this process, we have adopted a timeline and scheduled public meetings in each council district.  In addition, today, I appointed a special mayor’s committee to advise me as we proceed.” Committee members:
The Honorable Zinetta Burney
Penny Hess Butler
The Honorable Anthony Hall, Chair
The Honorable Roman Martinez
Mace Meeks
The Honorable Gordon Quan
Pat Sanchez
Adolfo Santos
The Honorable Sue Schechter

 More information on the Houston Census is available at:

 Statement from Legislative Study Group Chair Rep. Garnet F. Coleman on Release of U.S. Census Data
(AUSTIN) – Representative Garnet F. Coleman, chair of the Legislative Study Group House Caucus, released the following statement in response to the release of U.S. Census Data for the state of Texas:

“The Legislative Study Group looks forward to working with caucus members to ensure that Texas families are fairly represented by their government. The growth of communities and population shifts in our state as evidenced by the Census data show the need for a fair, open and transparent redistricting process that takes into account proper apportionment, socioeconomic and demographic data.” 

“We will work to ensure the interests of families and communities across the state are addressed.”

Statement from State Representative Carol Alvarado Regarding the Release of the 2010 United State Census Data 

 “With an increase of ­­­­­­­­4.3 million new residents, the release of the 2010 United States Census data confirmed the estimates that Texas has had a major growth in our population.  The data has also confirmed that this increase is directly related to the increase in our Latino community, which grew by a rate of 41.8% in our state and represents 37.6% of the overall Texas population.   

The Texas redistricting process should provide for fair and accurate representation of this data and should expand opportunities for Latinos.  The Latino community should receive three of the new Congressional seats or better and should be properly represented in the State Legislature and on the State Board of Education.”

State Representative Jessica Farrar

Austin, TX– “This Census data shows what lawmakers have known for generations.  Whether you are a Texan by birth or you ‘got here as soon as you could,’ Texas is a destination state that more and more people are proud to call home. 

These new Texas families cannot simply be welcomed.  The Texas Legislature must acknowledge our responsibility to these newest residents.  It must prop up the public schools, colleges, and universities, not gut them as the Republican supermajority is proposing.  To ensure a prosperous future, the Legislature must ensure that every new Texan has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

 With the new Census data, Texans deserve an open and honest redistricting process that ensures that their votes count.  The outcome of district boundaries should reflect the demographic growth and shifts in a way that maximizes, not minimizes, the votes of every Texan.  House Democrats will fight to protect the principle that every Texan be able to fully participate in the democratic process to elect the candidates of their choice. 

As the Legislature analyzes the new Census numbers, House Democrats will release periodic updates to help the public better understand the implications of the data.”