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Would You Buy this License Plate?
December 18, 2008

 A new license plate promoting adoption as an alternative to abortion could soon be seen on vehicles driving around Houston and the rest of  Texas.

Governor Rick Perry has announced that he will support House Bill 109, which if passed, would create a “Choose Life” specialty license plate.

Nineteen other states, including Florida, already have a Choose Life license plate. For Texas drivers to have the option of putting one on their car, the state legislature would have to pass the bill into law next year.

$22 from each license plate that is sold would  help raise money to assist pregnant women in Texas who, instead of aborting their unborn child, will have the baby and place it up for adoption.

“The majority of Texans believe in the sanctity of life, and this license plate will give them a means to tell the world in a subtle but meaningful way, while providing support to pregnant women making the decision to choose adoption,” said Governor Perry.

2 on the Beat wants to know if you would consider purchasing a Choose Life plate?