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The 2009 Race for Mayor
October 20, 2008

While most people are focused on the race for the White House and the battle to control Harris County government, a candidate for Mayor of Houston is about to make a big announcement.

Houston City Council Member Peter Brown will join with local ministers on Tuesday, October 21, 2008, to talk about Houston’s future.

joining with Brown, according to an alert sent to 2 on the Beat, will be Bishop James Dixon and The Reverend William A. Lawson.

Brown’s media spokesperson Lisa Dimond – Vasquez told me the ministers plan to officially endorse Brown for Mayor.

No one asked my opinion, but  I’ll give it to you anyway:

Why  not wait until the day or week AFTER election day –  November 4th, 2008?

Its no secret that Brown plans to run for mayor. He’s been talking about it for months. He formed a committee some time ago.

Who is really focused on the 2009 Houston mayoral race other than Brown’s potential challengers: former Kemah Mayor Bill King, City of Houston Controller Annise Parker and Former  Houston city attorney Gene Locke?

Brown will be sharing media coverage with news about the record shattering early vote in Harris County, and isolated problems at the polls.

If he waited until AFTER the election he wouldn’t have to share the spotlight, and more voters would pay attention!