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Putting the Brakes on the Proposed Ordinance
September 9, 2008

 2 on the Beat has learned that Houston city council plans to tag, or delay, passage of the proposed ordinance requiring minimum standards for privately-owned parking lots.

City council members and Mayor White spent most of Tuesday listening to some owners of private lots who say the proposed changes are unfair, restrictive and could hurt business.

According to Liliana Rambo, the city’s director of parking management, the proposed changes were prompted by complaints from drivers.  

If council eventually passes the ordinance, the owners of nearly 100 surface parking lots in the Central Business District would be required to making some significant changes.

For one thing, the parking lots would have to provide receipts for their customers.

Currently, when someones car is booted or towed, he or she has no  way of proving that the parking fee was dropped into the designated money slot.

Many of the complaints have been directed at Premier Parking Enforcement, an Atlanta based company that operates several lots in downtown Houston.

Let’s hope the city will eventually pass some type of compromise plan that protects drivers, and is good for the downtown parking companies.