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Gas Prices and Politics
September 7, 2008


What do you think your congressional leaders can, and should do, about reducing the United State’s dependence on foreign oil?

After a five week recess, the U.S. Congress will reconvene on Monday

Before flying back to Washington,  some members of the Houston Republican Congressional delegation will hold a news conference to urge  the Speaker of the U.S. House Nancy Pelosi (a democrat), to “listen to the American people and call for a vote on American made energy immediately.”

Congressmen Kevin Brady and Michael McCaul, who will speak at the news conference, say that congress needs to do more to deal with the punishing prices at the pump.

Right now a gallon of regular gas is averaging anywhere from $3.50 to $3.68.

Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided over the need to open up more domestic off-shore areas to oil drilling. 

This is campaign season, and both sides are sure to do a lot of grandstanding, but let’s hope congress can agree on some type of plan that will provide relief to Americans who are fed up with high energy prices.