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Former Gov. Mark White Plans to Testify in Death Penalty Hearing
December 7, 2010

Testimony from a former Texas Governor could help decide the future of  the  death penalty in Texas.

Former Governor Mark White is scheduled to testify on “the need for certainty in capital convictions.”

Judge Kevin Fine is being asked to decide if  there’s a substantial risk that the state’s death penalty law allows for the possible execution of an innocent person.

The case centers around murder  defendant John Green who is accused of  robbing and shooting a woman in 2008.  Green’s attorney’s claim he is innocent and argue that if he is convicted there is a good chance he will be given the death penalty and wrongly executed.

Another interesting development in the case relates to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.  Assistant DA Alan Curry has told Judge Fine that he was ordered by his boss, District Attorney Pat Lykos, to “stand mute” during the hearing.  That means Curry plans to stay present but will not participate.