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Governor Perry weighs in on Bailout
October 1, 2008

       As the U.S. Senate prepares to vote this evening on the $700 Million bailout plan, (oh sorry, I mean RESCUE PLAN) Governor Rick Perry is adding his two cents to the debate.

As chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, Perry along with his Democratic counterpart, Governor Joe Manchin sent a letter to congress urging them to pass an economic recovery package.

Here are a few highlights. 

As leaders of our respective organizations, we don’t always see eye to eye on policy, but we come together today with one clear purpose. We strongly urge Congress to leave partisanship at the door and pass an economic recovery package. We both believe that it’s time to stand together for our country.

 There is a time for partisanship and there is a time for getting things done.  No one likes the hand they’ve been dealt, and now is not the time to assign blame.  It is time for Washington, D.C. to step up, be responsible and do what’s in the best interest of American taxpayers and our economy. 

 This economic crisis is not just impacting Wall Street; it is also making life harder for everyday Americans.  Americans across the country and in every demographic are feeling the pinch.  If Congress does not act soon, the situation will grow appreciably worse.  It’s time for leadership. Congress needs to act now.