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Is Gambling A Victimless Crime?
December 3, 2008

Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia had a chance to witness the raid on a game room that is illegally operating eight liners according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Commissioner Garcia tells 2 on the Beat that during a series of town hall forums, residents voiced their concerns about gambling and the crime it creates in the community.

As a result,  she created a task force and is working with the community and law enforcement to stop the problem.

The commissioner says she also plans to encourage the state legislature to increase the penalties for those who operate illegal game rooms and their customers. 

While some are praising the Harris County Sheriff’s Department for shutting down the illegal eight liner business Wednesday afternoon, others are really upset.

One Highlands resident  told 2 on the Beat that playing eight liners is a victimless crime. 

Do you agree with her?