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Farouk Shami Endorses Governor Rick Perry
October 18, 2010

Former Texas gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami has endorsed Governor Rick Perry for re-election.

Shami is the founder and chairman of Farouk Systems, a company that manufactures Biosilk and CHI hair products. He spent millions of dollars on his campaign before losing the Democratic Party primary to Bill White.

A few weeks ago Shami invited both Perry and White to speak at a forum for Arab-American community leaders.

 ““Gov. Perry has not only been true to the values that matter most to the people of Texas, he is also a conservative leader that has led our state in job creation and renewable energy,” said Farouk Shami. “As a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, I believe jobs and the future for Texans is beyond partisanship. I am proud to endorse Gov. Perry for the general election. His proven track record of helping businesses grow and invest for a cleaner and stronger tomorrow is the reason why he is the best choice for Texas governor.”

“It is an honor to receive Farouk Shami’s endorsement of my re-election,” said Gov. Perry. “His entrepreneurship and dedication to Texas jobs and the environment is a profound example of what our state needs to continue leading the nation. Bringing 1,200 jobs back to our country and Texas shows a vote of confidence in the Texas economy and the work ethic of Texans. I look forward to working with Farouk so we can keep Texas the envy of the nation and continue creating jobs so that every Texan who wants one has one.”

Farouk Shami Thanks Supporters
March 3, 2010

Statement by Farouk Shami

“I want to thank each and every person who has given their time, energy and votes to my campaign for Governor of Texas.  Although this wasn’t the outcome we’d hoped for, do not get discouraged.   
A defeat is only a defeat if you let it stop you.  I will not let today’s results stop me.  Although I will not be our nominee for Governor, I will continue to fight for those I have met on the campaign trail.  I will continue to fight to bring jobs to Texas.  I will continue to fight for equality in our education system.  I will continue to support candidates who fight for all Texans.
I ask for each of you to join me.  Do not give up hope.  Continue to support the cause.  Eventually, we will overcome all obstacles and accomplish our goal, real change for Texas.
Thank you again for your support.  It means the world to me, more than I can ever express in words.”

Farouk Shami Is Creating More Jobs
February 25, 2010

If  he is elected Governor of  Texas, Hair Care Executive Farouk Shami promises he will create 100, 000 new jobs or give the state $10 Million.

Election day isn’t until March 2, but Shami  says he is already doing his part to encourage economic growth in the underdeveloped Fifth Ward area of Houston.

Today as he voted early in the Democratic Party Primary,  Farouk Systems Inc. announced that it is hosting a grand opening in celebration of their third facility launching in Houston.  Activities will include a fish fry, music along with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by Founder and Chairman Farouk Shami.

The event is this Saturday, February 27, at 11:00 a.m. The Farouk Facility is located at 4731 Darien.

Job applications will also be accepted at that location.

The news release didn’t mention anything about needing your voter registration card to participate.

Meet The Candidates For Governor of Texas
February 24, 2010

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you have plenty of opportunity to meet the candidates for Governor of  Texas over the next few days.

Today through the weekend all of the candidates will make a stop in Houston to campaign during early voting and before the March 2nd primary election day.

Democrat Bill White will have lunch and greet voters at the Breakfast Klub on Travis Street about Noon Today/ Wednesday.  You can meet him and hear his ideas about reforming education and boosting the state’s economy.  You can also find out if  White eat wings and waffles at the Breakfast Klub. 

Later this evening you can meet all three candidates running for the Republican Party nomination for Governor.

TX Candidates for Governor, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Rick Perry, Debra Medina

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Governor Rick Perry and former Wharton County GOP Chair Debra Medina will attend the 2010 Lincoln- Reagan Day Dinner.  It’s officially sold out, but maybe you can catch them going in?  The Harris County Republican Party is sponsoring the dinner at the J.W. Marriott Hotel across from the Galleria. It starts about 6:30.  There won’t be any wings and waffles on the menu. 

Finally, on Saturday, Houston Businessman Farouk Shami is holding a “Get Out The Vote” Super Rally.  The event will be held at 5445 Almeda, from 4-7 p.m.  That event is promising food, drinks, a Baptist church choir and a Greek Step Show.  I think it’s worth just showing up to see if Shami knows how to dance.

Farouk Shami Campaign Responds After 5 Staffers Quit
February 17, 2010

One day after the start of early voting and only weeks before the March 2 Texas Primary, several Farouk Shami campaign aides quit in a dispute over who is in charge of  communicating with the media.

The former staffers include campaign manager Vince Leibowitz and spokeswoman Kelly Love Johnson.

 I’ve pasted the full statement below –

Here’s the Houston Chronicle Link to the Story:



Statement from Farouk Shami

Shami’s Campaign is Focused on Winning


I want to thank Vince Leibowitz, Kelly Love Johnson and Charlie Ray for their hard work on the campaign.  After a meeting with my senior staff, we came to an understanding that there were strategic differences between a few of us.  Three of my senior staff members resigned, so I accepted their resignations on amicable terms. 


Please do not underestimate my camp because my campaign is stronger than ever!  I am the spokesperson, and I have a Communications team that has experience and believes in my vision.  This morning we all woke up ready to fight because today is just one more day closer to the election.   We have our soldiers in place all over the state of Texas, working their hearts out for a candidate that is bringing them new ideas, new jobs and new hope for Texas.  I look forward to victory on March 2nd.”  -Farouk Shami

Farouk Shami Says Bill White is “Flip Flopping”
February 12, 2010



Bill White: Flip Flopping for Political Gain


In 1979, the city of Houston was under fire from the Justice Department for an election process that was unfair to minorities. As part of a settlement, the agreement was to add 2 districts once the city crossed the 2.1 million threshold. Since 2006, Bill White has acknowledged that Houston exceeded the 2.1 million threshold.  However, as Mayor, he Failed to implement the agreement and flip flopped on his responsibility to the minority communities of Houston. 

“Mayor Bill White’s decision to delay redrawing the boundaries of City Council districts has angered numerous community activists, who say his stance is defying Houston’s charter. Under a 30-year-old legal settlement with the U.S. Justice Department, the number of council members “shall increase” from 14 to 16 when Houston’s population hits 2.1 million. That settlement later was incorporated into the city’s charter.  The mayor, City Council members and officials all acknowledge that the triggering population threshold has been crossed.  (Houston Chronicle, 06/23/09)

Bill White and 287(g): Letter signed by Bill White requesting the federal government to expedite 287(g) which leads to increased instances of racial profiling!

“Houston Mayor Bill White sent a letter this week to a top U.S. immigration official requesting that the federal government expedite Houston’s participation in the controversial 287 (g) program that trains jailers to act as immigration agents. In the letter, dated Monday, White also says he will be urging “other jail custodians” in the Houston region to enter into agreements with the federal government. The rush for a 287 (g) agreement marks a departure from the mayor’s past position that local police should have limited involvement in immigration enforcement. In addition to committing to improve screening at Houston’s jails, White is pressuring the federal government to deport illegal immigrants convicted of crimes after they finish their sentences.” (, 03/17/09)

Once 287(g) takes effect, the Houston Police Department can act as Immigration Officials.

“Through the program, city jails would get special training that will allow them to question inmates about their immigration status and hold them for federal agents.” (Houston Chronicle, 07/11/09)

The program under 287(g) basically means legal “racial profiling.”

“Nationally, the 287(g) program has been criticized as being vulnerable to racial profiling and lacking oversight by ICE.” (Houston Chronicle, 07/11/09)

The League of United Latin American Citizens has a problem with Bill White and 287(g)!

L.U.L.A.C. Resolution – 287(g)

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that LULAC District VIII and Texas LULAC denounce Mayor Bill White’s 287(g) proposal and request for the mayor to withdraw his 287(g) proposal and stop it from being implemented.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the LULAC District VIII Director schedule a news conference to inform the general public the consequences this policy would impose on Hispanics and other minority groups.

Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President (, 07/18/09)


Once activists confronted White regarding 287(g), he immediately flip flopped on the issue for political gain.

“Mayor Bill White is distancing himself from a controversial federal program that trains local law enforcement to identify suspected illegal immigrants, saying this week that he favors an automated immigration screening program in the city’s jails.” (Houston Chronicle, 10/07/09)


Was running for Senate another reason for the former mayor to flip flop for political gain on his original position?

“White, who is running for U.S. Senate, now appears to be backing away from the program, saying ICE officials were “bureaucratic” in the negotiations. Vincent Picard, an ICE spokesman, declined comment on the Houston negotiations.” (Houston Chronicle, 10/07/09)

Once again, Bill White flipped flopped from his commitment of 287(g), in favor of the lesser controversial program “Secure Communities;” the same program that is frequently deployed together with 287(g), but can be used separately.

“White said this week that he has not eliminated the possibility of participating in 287(g) on the city’s terms, but would prefer to participate in another ICE program instead. That program, “Secure Communities,” gives local law enforcement agencies access to a massive immigration database to check suspects’ immigration history.” (Houston Chronicle, 10/07/09)

However, this would not be Bill White’s last flip flopping maneuver.  Once again, his true intentions were clear when the career politician flip flopped for political gain.  Once it was obvious that Senator Hutchison was not vacating her seat, immediately Bill White switched from the senate race to the gubernatorial race!