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Former First Lady leaves Methodist Hospital
December 2, 2008

Former First Lady Barbara Bush had a chance to leave Methodist Hospital without facing the glare of TV cameras and obnoxious questions from reporters.

Well, 2 on the Beat never asks annoying questions, but it is understandable that Mrs. Bush, who is still recovering from surgery, wanted to leave without creating a media frenzy.

Dr. Pat Reardon said Mrs. Bush is in excellent condition and looks quite vigorous.

In fact, she’s being discharged two days earlier than expected.

While all the focus is on Mrs. Bush as she recovers from surgery, I also noticed that her husband, Former President George H.W. Bush, was walking with a bit of a limp as he made his way to the podium during a news conference at the hospital.


Family spokesman Jim McGrath says the former president is limping because he pulled a hip muscle this morning.

He’s having trouble getting around.

2 on the Beat hopes the Former President and Former First Lady are both feeling better soon, because they are planning to travel to Camp David for the Christmas Holidays.

Update from on Mrs. Bush’ Surgeon
November 26, 2008

Dr. Pat Reardon

Dr. Pat Reardon

Dr. Pat Reardon performed surgery last night on Former First Lady Barbara Bush.
He says she had a potentially life threatening condition – a very painful perforated ulcer – a pain that Mrs. Bush described as “worse than childbirth.”
He says the ulcer was likely brought on by NSAIDS that the former first lady was taking. An ulcer is one of the side effects of the medication.
Mrs. Bush will remain in the hospital for at least a week. She can’t eat solid food. There goes the Thanksgiving turkey and dressing.
According to Dr. Reardon, Mrs. Bush in in “very good spirits. her vital signs are good. her condition is stable and she is awake and alert.”
The former first lady will be in ICU for at least another 24 hours, which is not unexpected after a major surgery.

Former First Lady to Remain In Hospital
November 26, 2008

Methodist Hospital has released an update on former First Lady Barbara Bush. (see statement below)

Her condition appears to be more serious than first reported.  In the meantime, if you would like to send any get well wishes to the former first lady you can follow this link: and click on “send an e-greeting”

Former First Lady Barbara Bush was admitted to The Methodist Hospital in HoustonTuesday with abdominal pains.  As a result, she underwent routine, laparoscopic surgery Tuesday night to correct a perforated ulcer. She was resting comfortably Wednesday morning, and visiting with her family.

 During the procedure last night, surgeons cleansed her abdominal area, then patched and closed a one-centimeter hole in Mrs. Bush’s stomach, caused by the ulcer.  

Mrs. Bush is expected to be discharged from the hospital next week. 

Any further questions should be directed to the Office of George Bush.