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Former DA Rosenthal Cleared
December 2, 2008


He destroyed his own political career, (and some would say  the careers of some of his fellow republicans), but it now looks like former Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal won’t face criminal charges for his questionable actions while in office.

Remember the racist and sexist emails found on Rosenthal’s county computer?

Rosenthal was also accused of using county equipment for political purposes.

The following is a statement from acting Harris County District Attorney Ken Magidson.

Investigation Indicates Further Action Unwarranted for Former DA

(Houston Tx) — Harris County District Attorney Kenneth Magidson has ended an eight-month investigation of former DA Chuck Rosenthal with the finding that there is insufficient evidence to seek prosecution.

Magidson advised Eric J.R. Nichols, Deputy Texas Attorney General for Criminal Justice, of his decision in a Dec. 2 letter.

“After a careful and independent review of this matter, I have determined that there is insufficient evidence for prosecution,” Magidson stated.

To avoid any conflicts of interest, the District Attorney in April accepted an offer by the Texas Attorney General’s Office to assist in the investigation. It focused on whether there was prosecutable criminal misconduct in Rosenthal’s use of government resources, including office e-mails relating to political activities. Rosenthal resigned as District Attorney last February.

In the Dec. 2 letter, Magidson commended Nichols and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for the assistance, “hard work and wise counsel” provided by the AG’s staff during the investigation.