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More Storm Damage in Freeport
September 13, 2008

Riding out Hurricane Ike
September 13, 2008

 KPRC Local 2 News crews are positioned along the Texas Gulf Coast documenting Hurricane Ike’s relentless assault on communities like Galveston and Houston.

Here in Freeport, my colleagues and I experienced a lot of rain, but it was the powerful howling winds that seemed  the most frightening.

Police Chief Jeff Pynes encouraged us to ride out the storm inside the department, but as one crew stayed on overnight reporting duty,  my photographer and I chose to sleep in our news van until it was time to report to work at 2 a.m.

That was a mistake!

The van rocked back and forth all night, and at one point the winds blew debris into the window on the passenger side where I was sleeping. 

Debris Breaks News Truck Window

Fortunately, the glass did not shatter, but  the side window, and part of the windshield are broken. 

As the weather continued to deteriorate,  I stubbornly stuck with my decision to sleep in the news van.

Sometime around 4:30 a.m. I looked over and realized the police department had pulled down it’s storm doors to protect everyone inside.

Storm Doors Protect Freeport Police

Storm Doors Protect Freeport Police

As a result, not only was I, and the rest of the crew sealed off from the only safe building in the area, but we no longer had access to clean restrooms. 

One night….so many regrets!

On the bright side, all of the Freeport police officers, and the news crews escaped any harm.

Freeport Feels the Effects of Hurricane Ike
September 12, 2008

Freeport's Finest will ride out the Hurricane at Headquarters

Freeport Police will ride out the Storm

It didn’t take long.

Around six Friday evening, Hurricane like wind conditions began to blow into the community of Freeport.

2 on the Beat was standing outside of the Freeport Police Department, when the power suddenly went out inside the building.

Fortunately, the FPD has a back-up generator.

Minutes later, while driving back to my hotel in Lake Jackson, we noticed that a lot of traffic signals were out.

I barely stepped inside my room at the Motel 8, turned on the TV to watch KPRC Local 2 meteorologist Frank Billingsley, when the power went out at the hotel.

By 7:05 – nearly one hour later, I am still sitting in darkness. That isn’t a good sign.

My co-worker and I have decided to pack-up and head back out before the storm gets any worse.

Freeport Police Chief Jeff Pynes has invited us to spend the night at the department.

We are also thinking about just parking our news van outside of the police department. We will  try to get some sleep, until we report for duty at 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

Freeport Prepares for Hurricane Ike
September 11, 2008

2 on the Beat is on Hurricane duty in Freeport, Brazoria County.

The community of about 13,000 looks deserted, after most people decided to pack up and leave when local leaders issued a mandatory order to evacuate.

The Tidal Gate in Freeport - Part of the levee system

The Tidal Gate in Freeport - Part of the levee system

In case you didn’t already know, Freeport is similar to the city of New Orleans.

Its bowl-like  shape is surrounded by a levee system, that is  designed to protect residents from potentially devastating flooding. 

Riding Out the Storm instead of evacuating

Riding Out the Storm instead of evacuating

KPRC Local 2 News Crews will bring you live pictures from Freeport when Hurricane Ike makes landfall somewhere along the Texas Gulf Coast.

For the sake of Freeport’s residents, and all of the important chemical companies located in the area, let’s hope that the levee system can withstand the pressure of  hurricane force wind, rains and a potential 15-20 foot storm surge!