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The Long Road Home to Galveston
September 24, 2008

a boat and debris

a boat and debris

Tiki Island - north of the Causeway
Tiki Island – north of the Causeway
Residents Returning Home

Residents Returning Home

Galveston residents have been waiting 11 days to return home.
This is an emotional time for many of them, who are seeing their property for the very first time since Hurricane Ike forced them to evacuate the island.

2 on the Beat is reporting from just north of the Galveston Island causeway this morning, watching as residents rush home.

They are anxious and determined to see their homes and businesses.  Many say they want to assess the damage and try to salvage personal possessions.

The DPS shutdown the last roadblock just before six a.m., allowing residents and visitors to drive through without much delay.

Meanwhile, closer to Tiki Island where I am standing, the damage is still visable.

A boat and other debris that washed up during  Hurricane are still sitting by the side of the freeway.

Welcoming Galveston Residents Home
September 23, 2008

2 on The Beat plans to report Thursday morning from the Galveston causeway as residents are allowed back home to check on their property.

No doubt it will be an emotional time for many who are not sure what, if anything, they will be able to salvage.

Several groups are trying to ease the shock of those who will be seeing their homes and businesses for the first time.

There is Massive Meal Distribution planned on The Island to Welcome Home Galveston Residents.

On Wednesday, September 24, 2008, 35 disaster response mobile units stocked with hot meals, cold water, coffee and compassion will welcome home Galveston Islanders.

The Salvation Army, the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and The American Red Cross have joined forces to operate a mass kitchen at the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston.

From that location, the mobile feeding units will be stocked and dispatched to canvas the island offering meals and support.

The Salvation Army has already provided 1.3 million meals throughout Southeast Texas to those affected by Hurricane Ike.