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Is It Time For Gaming In Texas?
May 24, 2010

Legislative Study Group House Caucus Announces Forum On Gaming


AUSTIN – Representative Garnet F. Coleman, Chair of the Legislative Study Group (LSG) House Caucus, announced today that the caucus would host a forum on the issue of gambling to help prepare members on the public policy implications of expanded gaming in Texas.

“This will be a Gaming 101 forum.  Members need to receive information about the public policy of gaming,” said Representative Coleman.  “We have the opportunity to look at what has happened in other states that have passed gaming, and review the long range impact for Texas.”

The LSG will host a forum on the issue, where members can learn about the intricacies of the issue.  All members of the Legislature are invited to attend.

Representative Coleman said, “In the year since session ended, there has been a legislative vacuum when it comes to this specific issue.  Members deserve to have as much information as possible as they prepare for the next legislative session, where various proposals for expanded gambling will certainly be proposed.”

Previously, House Democratic Caucus Leader Jim Dunnam had proposed creating a bipartisan ad hoc committee with LSG and the House Democratic Caucus, the House Republican Caucus and the Conservative Coalition Caucus.  Both the Republican Caucus and the Conservative Coalition declined the invitation.

“Representative Dunnam was correct, this is an important issue that needs to be discussed and studied publicly,” said Representative Coleman.  “With a revenue shortfall upwards of $18 billion in the next biennium there is a legitimate policy discussion that needs to happen.  Members need to know the pros and cons of expanded gambling and the potential impact on our state.”