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Republican Delegates give McCain/Palin a thumbs up!
August 29, 2008

National Delegate Stan Stanart

National Delegate Stan Stanart

 Stan Stanart is a staunch, grass roots conservative republican and a delegate to the national convention. 

The kind of  voter that Senator John McCain was likely thinking about when he chose a vice presidential running mate.

Stanart is thrilled for a number of reasons that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has joined the ticket.

First,  Stanart  is a down ballot candidate in the November elections. He believes that Gov. Palin’s strong conservative credentials will help turn out the base of the party.

Second, he hopes that Palin will help attract more independents and even some moderate women voters into the republican fold on election day. 

So, Stanart will be smiling as he packs his bags and heads to Minneapolis*St. Paul for the convention. 

This is his second time serving as a national delegate. The first was in 2004.

In 2000 Stanart was a member of the electoral college. Remember that election?  (Bush vs. Gore and the hanging chads in Florida)

It’s McCain/Palin
August 29, 2008

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin


 Are you surprised by  Senator John McCain’s choice for a  vice presidential running mate?

Senator McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the #2 spot.

The 44 year old Palin is the first female and youngest governor of Alaska, and the first woman in history to be nominated as the Republican Party’s choice for vice president.

She is a mother of five and has a reputation for being a pro-life, and strong on ethics reform and cutting taxes.

This is a clear political strategy by the McCain camp to appeal to  women voters, especially those democrats who are still angry that Senator Hillary Clinton did not win the  nomination. 

Meanwhile, reaction is pouring in from political officials.

Governor Rick Perry:  Sarah Palin is an excellent choice for vice president. She has a proven track record of making tough choices, taking on corruption and implementing reforms in one of our country’s largest states.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill:  Sarah Palin is a bold choice for Vice-President and I applaud Senator McCain for his inspired selection of Governor Palin. To quote the many dozens of callers to our headquarters this morning, “Sarah Palin is a home run!”