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Gov. Perry Plans To Write New Anti-Washington Book
May 25, 2010

He’s been ranting and raving against the  “Washington Establishment” for months, and now Governor Perry is going to put his rhetoric on the pages of a new book.

Michael Pietsch, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Little, Brown and Company, announced today that Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, will write FED UP, a new book  that “examines the dangerous and unconstitutional intrusion of the federal government on states’ rights and individual liberties and advocates for the protection of the 10th Amendment principles that put power in the hands of the people.”

  Publication is scheduled for fall 2010 in time for the midterm elections.

According to a news release, in FED UP, Governor Perry argues that expansion of the federal government is occurring exponentially and injuriously. Bailouts, spending increases, and a reengineered health care system are just a few ways Washington politicians have launched a major expansion of the federal government in response to our recent economic turmoil, and Perry shows how an increasing concentration of power in Washington will lead to further unsustainable debt, greater limits on opportunity and success, and a permanent dependency class — adding up to a potentially failed nation, and one of the very sort that the Colonists fought against.

In spelling out the danger of federal intrusion and the ways that states can better approach our future, Perry issues a persuasive rallying cry for Americans to rise up and demand that power be returned to the people and the states. “I am pleased to partner with Little, Brown in writing about a subject that will determine the very future of our nation. Interwoven with America’s founding principles, state sovereignty as enshrined in the Bill of Rights has actively contributed to the vitality of our union. Washington’s ongoing efforts to undermine these rights pose a legitimate threat to America’s continued leadership of the free world. It is no surprise, then, that citizens across the nation are so Fed Up. I’m convinced that the burgeoning grassroots energy and widespread concern can restore balance to our system and invigorate our nation in the decades to come. It’s the Governors from both parties who must lead this fight,” says Perry.

“Governor Rick Perry is one of the clearest thinkers in the nation on the importance of individual rights and state powers.  When he speaks millions listen.  This book will help shape the important discussions leading up to this Fall’s midterm elections and long after,” says Michael Pietsch.