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Allegations of Police Brutality
November 20, 2008

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt says HPD internal affairs is now investigating allegations that two Houston Police officers allegedly beat and drugged the father of  Green Bay Packers pro-bowl wide receiver Donald Driver.

On Thursday investigators interviewed Marvin Driver Jr. who has been upgraded to good condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

According to the family , Driver had just finished moving furniture shortly before 2 a.m. Monday, when police took him into custody for outstanding warrants. 

Witnesses claim that the officers were aggressive, and after they drove off with Driver, they beat him up and forced him to take something that would “make him see Jesus” according to the note that Driver wrote on a napkin and gave to his family members.

Chief Hurtt says he is waiting for the final report before making a decision about the allegations, and the future of the two officers involved in the incident.

The officers remain on active duty.

Media Stake Out 

Meanwhile 2 on the Beat  was staked out with other photographers and reporters at the hospital Thursday waiting for the NFL star to talk about his dad.

Donald Driver gave us the slip, he managed to leave the hospital and catch a private plane back to Milwaukee.