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Is Houston About To Become Ground Zero In Debate Over NYC Mosque?
September 6, 2010

The country has been bitterly divided for weeks over the proposed Mosque near Ground Zero.

Later this month, on Sunday, September 26, some Houstonians will gather to voice their opposition.


The rally is sponsored by ACT! for America.

The rally will be held from 3PM to 5PM at the southwest corner of  Westheimer and Post Oak,  across from the Galleria.

“We believe a mosque at this location is extremely insensitive, and an insult to the 3,000 Americans who were murdered there by Islamic jihadists, and for whom Ground Zero is a cemetery,” said  Houston area  group  member Susan Watts.  “We appreciate and support the 1st amendment rights of  all Americans to worship as they please.  We believe in the interest of sensitivity to others, and for the purpose of  “bride-building” , it would be a better choice not to build a Ground Zero mosque.”