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Loren Jackson Gets Rave Reviews – Maybe it’s the Free Bags?
October 4, 2010

District Clerk Loren Jackson, who is running for reelection in November, received more votes than any other judicial candidate in the recent Houston Bar association poll.

I can’t say  that I’m surprised.

 I’ve heard both democrats and republicans praise Jackson for the changes he’s made in the office, which handles jury duty  summons and maintains legal records and filings.

Jackson, a democrat, is being challenged by republican Chris Daniels.

On a side note –  I recently met a man who was selected for jury duty during  jury appreciation week in Harris County.

I can’t recall his name, but he was smiling from ear to ear  after being selected to sit on a jury for a civil trial.

Let’s be honest,  it’s not often that we see people smiling after they were just selected for jury duty.

The man explained that he was given a ginormous “free”  tote bag – a bag he plans to keep and put to good use.

How where the bags paid for and how much did the bags cost?

I  received a response from Mike Lykes, director of special projects and community affairs in Jackson’s office: 

The funds for the tote bags during Jury Appreciation Week came through the Jury Fund.  It is a taxpayer fund.  The fund is to help increase awareness of Jury Service, summon Jurors and helps to pay for Jurors meals.  The office ordered 3,000 tote bags at $2.49/bag for a total of $7,470.  As stated earlier, we had the extra money in the budget this year due to the fact that we have been able to rework the vendor contract for the summoning of jurors.  Due to the increase in Jury Service last year, we were able to save over $15,000 on the vendor services.

Ok,  I’m just joking about the free bags influencing the HBA poll. 

Only members can vote.

However, it won’t hurt  Jackson if some of those folks  who received  bags remember his name on election day.