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Mayor Parker Names Charles McClelland as Houston Police Chief
March 31, 2010



Mayor Annise Parker today named acting Chief Charles McClelland as her choice to be Houston’s next police chief.


 “Chief McClelland is an innovative thinker with the respect of the rank and file and a deep knowledge of the community,” said Mayor Parker.  “His commitment to decentralized policing and his managerial experience and training make him the crime fighting leader Houston and HPD need right now.  I am confident he’ll be able to make the tough decisions and smart choices that will get more officers on the streets patrolling our neighborhoods.”

McClelland has more than 32 years of service to HPD, joining the department as a patrol officer in 1977 and rising through the ranks to his current position as an executive assistant chief in charge of the Investigative Operations Command.  He was promoted to the department’s command staff in 1998.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Houston.  He is also a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy and has received numerous awards and commendations. 

“I want to be police chief for the same reason I joined HPD, to make a difference,” said McClelland. “My vision for the department includes strengthening community relations, improved internal communications and more efficient processes.”

McClelland ranks as his major accomplishments the implementation of Tasers and the 24/7 Real Time Crime Center, which allows for enhanced overall crime tracking and analysis 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

McClelland, 55, was born in Center, Texas.  He has two daughters.  His nomination requires confirmation by Houston City Council.  He will lead a department of approximately 5,400 sworn officers.

Mayor Annise Parker Picks A Police Chief
March 22, 2010

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has reportedly decided on a new police chief for the city of Houston.

She made that announcement Monday afternoon while speaking to a committee meeting of the Greater Houston Partnership.

Tonight, spokesperson Janice Evans has confirmed that the Mayor has made her decision and that person is currently working in the Houston Police Department.

Evans also stressed that the “selection process is not finished and that anything could derail/halt the process.”

The Mayor told GHP members that she would make her decision public by the end of the week, but Evans told 2 on the Beat that the Mayor is still on track to decide by the end of the month.

Houston has been without a permanent police chief since Harold Hurtt left the department.

Executive assistant Chief Charles McCllelland was named interim chief in December, and was expected to apply for the top job.

Other names under consideration, according to sources, include Assistant Police Chief Vickie King, Executive chief Rosie Montalvo, Executive Assistant Chief K.A. Munden, Executive Chief Tim Ottemeir and assistant chief G.T. Buenik, who is over internal investigations.

Gary Blankinship, President of the Houston Police Officers Union, said he is happy that Mayor Parker is staying in house and choosing the next chief from within HPD’s ranks.  “I have a good relationship with the finalists for the job,” said Blankinship.

Those finalists are reportedly McCllelland, and the remaining executive chiefs, Ottemier, Montalvo and Munden. McClelland and Ottemier are considered the leading candidates by some.

Was it Free Speech or Defamation?
February 16, 2009

Community Activist Quanell  X has built his reputation on speaking out about cases of alleged injustice, but  did he cross the line this time?


Several  groups today spoke out in support of  Community Activist  Quanell  X, who is being sued by three Houston police officers.

Community News Conference

Community News Conference

The officers claim Quanell ruined their reputations after he repeated allegations made by Marvin Driver, the father of NFL star Donald Driver. 

 The elder Driver claims he was beaten and drugged after he was arrested by the officers in November.

The police were cleared by an internal affairs investigation, and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office continues to investigate the case.

The community groups say this issue is bigger than Quanelll X.

They say it is  about the public’s   right to speak out against an alleged injustice.

An attorney for the officers says the lawsuit is not an attempt to silence anybody, but “it’s about demonstrating you don’t have to be subjected to lies that damage your reputation just because you are a  police officer.”

Taser Audit Townhall
September 10, 2008





City Council Member Wanda Adams and City Controller Annise Parker will host a town hall meeting September 16, at 6 p.m., at Miracleland Church, so the public can discuss the results of Controller Parker’s audit of the Houston Police Department’s Taser use, which revealed much higher Taser usage in District D.


“I could not agree more with Controller Parker that these findings call for public dialogue,” said Adams, who represents District D. “Our community needs to make itself heard about what this report implicates.”


The audit found that, of 1,249 Taser deployment locations between November 2004 and June 2007, nearly 21 percent occurred in District D. District D had the most deployments of all nine Council districts.


The report found that Tasers are deployed disproportionately against African American suspects. About 67 percent of suspects on whom Tasers are used are African American, while only 46 percent of police encounters involve African American suspects.


Miracleland Church is at 7427 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Members of the public will be granted two minutes to speak on a first come, first served basis. The meeting will end at 8 p.m.