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No More Late Nights For Carl Landry?
March 18, 2009

After surviving a frightening shooting in the leg, Houston Rockets forward Carl Landry told the media on Wednesday that he would think twice about going out late at night .


Landry’s teammates including Yao Ming and Shane Battier were happy to see him hobble onto the court on crutches, less than than 48 hours after he became a victim of what police are calling a random act of violence.


A car with two men inside sideswiped Landry’s SUV about 2:30 in the morning.  After crashing into a pole,  Landry says he got out to inspect the damage when the people in the car got out and starting shooting a gun at him.

He was shot in the left calf.

Landry says the experience taught him a lesson.  He’ll think twice about going out late and risking his life.

Meantime, police are still looking for the suspects.  If  you have any information call Houston police.