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The Official Invitation?
January 10, 2009

Have you received your  invitation to the historic swearing-in ceremony of  President – elect Barack Obama?

Neither have I, so after weeks of patiently waiting by my mailbox I decided to search the web to find an example of  the invitation.

The wedding cake recipe is from that 'Cooking With Semen' book.

The Obama campaign printed one million of these commerorative  gold and black engraved invitations .

They were sent to donors and supporters, but they’re meant to be kept as souvenirs and won’t get you up close and personal with the next commander in chief.

I won’t feel bad about crashing  the party. 

Starting on Friday, January 16, 2 on the Beat plans to blog about what it’s like to be in the nation’s capital for all of the inaugural festivities.

Washington D.C. is bracing for the biggest crowd in history to witness a presidential inauguration.

The inaugural committee and D.C. authorities say it’s going to be a traffic and logistical nightmare .

I was there in 2000 when then  President – elect George W. Bush was sworn in, but that event will seem like a picnic compared to the frenzy this time.

If you are planning to be there, send a  few words and one picture highlighting your experience to , or leave them in the comment section of  and I will try to post them on 2 on the Beat.