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Gaza Unrest Stirs Local Emotions
January 2, 2009

It’s an issue that has  divided neighbors and friends, and is stoking old prejudices.

Who is responsible for the latest wave of unrest and violence in the Gaza Strip? 

 Is Israel rightly defending itself ?  Did Hamas strike the first blow and deserve to be retaliated against? 

On Friday afternoon, as Israel announced plans to begin a ground attack against Hamas, members of the local Palestinian community protested.


The Houston Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine  marched on the sidewalk outside of  a Southwest Houston building that houses the local Israeli  Consulate.  

They held signs, waved flags and chanted “stop the occupation.”

A handful of Israeli supporters stood across the street.  Houston police officers stood in the middle to keep the peace between the two groups. 

Similar protests are taking place in major cities across the country.