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Channel 2’s New – News Director
April 14, 2009

A few weeks ago, I told you how the  Channel 2 news team bid farewell to our former news director Skip Valet, who skipped out on us to take on a much bigger job as General Manager of  WKMG in Orlando.

That station is also in the Post-Newsweek family, so it was a big promotion.

On Monday, we got some really exciting news about Skip’s replacement.

 KPRC General Manager Larry Blackerby announced at  a staff meeting that he was promoting Assistant News Director Rick McFarland to the position of  News Director.


(this is a photo of Skip, Rick and Larry and Skip’s going away  party!)

It’s a big promotion with many more responsibilities involving  budgets, ratings, revenue, hiring and firing. 

 So….That means Rick is the person you should email or call if you have any complaints or compliments (did I say compliments?) about me or our news product.