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Mattress Mack Stumps for Red Light Cameras
October 19, 2010

He knows how to sell furniture, but can  he sell  Houstonians on voting for  Proposition 3 – red light cameras?

On the first day of  early voting Gallery Furniture owner, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale,  joined with local police and fire groups to urge people to vote to keep red light cameras at intersections across the city.

“I make my living on television saying we’re going to save people money,” McIngvale said.  “This is more important — we’re going to save people’s lives.”

(The photo was sent to me from campaign  – I was off and couldn’t make it to the news conference.)

Voters are being asked to decide whether the red light cameras should stay up or be taken down.  The red-hot issue was placed on the ballot after brothers Michael and Paul Kubosh collected enough signatures during a petition drive.  The Kubosh brothers are traffic ticket attorneys and have longed believed that the cameras were designed to collect revenue for the city rather than keep drivers safe.

But supporters of  Proposition 3 say the cameras help save lives by reducing the number of  side impact/rear-end crashes because drivers are more likely to slow down and stop at intersections where red light cameras are installed.