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Mayor White for Secretary of Energy?
November 25, 2008

2 on the Beat has been wondering if there would be any Texans tapped to serve in President-Elect Barack Obama’s administration.


A blog reader sent me an email letting me know that someone has created a Face Book page dedicated to promoting Mayor Bill White for Secretary of Energy.

As the Mayor’s supporters have noted, he “brings a wealth of experience, and showed really strong leadership during Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike.”

During the primary election, the Mayor also met with then Senator Obama to talk about energy issues.

Some other positives that 2 on the Beat can think of: Mayor White served as assistant secretary of energy under President Bill Clinton, he drives a hybrid, has converted some of the city’s fleet to hybrid vehicles, installed solar panels on some city buildings, has challenged the big refineries to reduce dangerous emissions to protect families, he believes in green building and promotes other innovative ways to protect the environment.

The Face Book page has fewer than 80 pledged members, but don’t let that stop you from joining the momentum.