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Is Mayor White Running for the U.S. Senate?
December 11, 2008

An Austin based on-line political magazine is reporting that Mayor Bill White is on the verge of announcing his plans to run for the United States Senate.

The Quorum Report ( says its reliable sources believe the announcement will happen on Monday, December 15, 2008.

Last week KPRC Local 2 reported that Mayor White was close to announcing his future political plans.

The popular,  but term limited Mayor, was rumored to have his eye on the Texas Governor’s Mansion.

That changed when U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison formed an exploratory committee as a first step towards running for Governor.  

If the Mayor does run for the open seat, he will face former State Comptroller John Sharp in the Democratic Party Primary.

State Senator Florence Shapiro of  Dallas is the only Republican name to surface as a possible candidate for  the U.S. Senate Senate.

Mayor White defends Adrian Garcia
October 29, 2008

2 on the Beat has reported about the nasty war of words being waged between republican incumbent Sheriff Tommy Thomas and democratic challenger Adrian Garcia.

Today, Mayor Bill White defended Garcia, who is a member of the Houston city council and a former Houston Police officer.

During his opening remarks at Wednesday’s city council meeting, the mayor said a new attack ad by Sheriff Thomas represented the “politics of personal destruction.”

As I’ve reported, Sheriff  Thomas has launched a new TV political ad accusing Garcia of using marijuana. The ad says Garcia also lost drug evidence and wrecked a police cruiser while he was on the force.

The sheriff says he is simply fighting back with the truth after weeks of being attacked by the democrats.

Garcia says he admitted smoking pot when he was sixteen, and says he was honest about it on his application to the police academy.



Houston Texans and Hurricane Heroes
October 4, 2008

The Houston Texans will take the field at Reliant Stadium this Sunday for the first time since Hurricane Ike caused damage to the retractable roof.

Football fans will have plenty of reason to cheer,  even if the team never scores a touchdown.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett,  Mayor Bill White and first Lady Andrea White, have been invited to serve as “Honorary Captains” during the pre-game coin toss.

During halftime  Judge Emmet will also help pay tribute to six Hurricane Ike recovery workers, including a volunteer, a Harris County sheriff’s deputy, and an electrical line worker.

The volunteers and workers are the real heroes of the Hurricane’s aftermath.

They will be recognized for their dedication and service to the county’s disaster recovery efforts.

2 on the Beat heard earlier this  week that Governor Rick Perry would also attend the game, but so far there hasn’t been any confirmation that he will be at Reliant on Sunday.

Mr. White goes to Washington
September 23, 2008

Houston Mayor Bill White and Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas are in Washington, D.C., this Tuesday, asking lawmakers for money to help with the cost of cleaning up after Hurricane Ike.

Mayor Thomas plans to ask Congress for $2.3 Billion. That money is needed she says to help repair the sewer and water system, the Port of Galveston and parts of the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Mayor White says he is optimistic that federal leaders will provide financial assistance to help the city of Houston rebuild.

Ice, Water, and Meals Ready to Eat
September 15, 2008

Lending a sympathetic ear


Posing for pictures


Solving Problems


Advising Rev. Ed Young and others at the Pod



This isn’t’ Mayor Bill White’s first Hurricane disaster response. (remember Hurricane’s Rita and Katrina), but this is the first time that he is at the helm after a devastating storm assaulted parts of Houston.

All eyes are on him, County Jude Ed Emmett and officials from FEMA.

Frustration levels are running high for some Hurricane Victims, but 2 on the Beat was surprised to hear so many people saying positive things about how the Mayor is leading the city (so far) during a time of  crisis.

The mayor  toured one Point of Distribution to watch as people, including entire families, were showing up to  get bags of ice, water and MRE’s, or meals ready to eat.

Faith & Friendship: Mayor to Host Annual Ramadan Dinner
September 9, 2008

Mayor Bill White and Councilman M.J. Khan

Mayor Bill White and Councilman M.J. Khan

Mayor to Host Annual Ramadan Dinner

 HOUSTON (September 9, 2008) – Mayor Bill White will host a Ramadan Dinner, marking the eighth year that the City of Houston will host area Muslims during the month of Ramadan.


WHEN: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 – 6:30 P.M.

WHERE: City Hall Reflecting Pool – 901 Bagby St. @ Walker

Recognizing that Ramadan is a time for Muslims to come together as a community to attain the best that human kind can offer, Council Member M. J. Khan will once again join Mayor White and local Muslim leaders on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 for a brief program, beginning at 6:30 p.m., followed by Iftar (breaking of the fast) with hundreds of area Muslims promptly at 7:37 p.m. Past Ramadan dinners have been hugely successful in gathering together the most influential Muslim leaders in the city with community members from all walks of life.

Ramadan is an important month for practicing Muslims because it is a chance to reconnect with Allah.  It is a month that allows individuals to purify their mind and soul and to learn from the experiences that come with self-sacrifice. Ramadan requires fasting from dawn to dusk, the hours when the human interaction is the greatest, to mold the lives of its practitioners.  Ramadan fasting offers an opportunity for Tazkiyah, – the cleansing of the self – through its disciplinary regimen. On another level, Ramadan offers a unique opportunity for individuals to connect with and provide for those less fortunate. Council Member Khan stated, “The Mayor’s Annual Ramadan dinner is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for both Muslims and non-Muslims to join together to share in the rich culture and religion of Muslim Americans.”





A Big Honor For Judge Ed Emmett and Harris County
September 5, 2008

Mayor Bill White and County Judge Ed Emmett

Mayor Bill White and County Judge Ed Emmett


Mayor Bill White has been honored  for all of the preparation and planning he has done to help protect Houston from the threat of  Hurricanes.

Now Harris County Judge Ed Emmett  will step into the spotlight.

Judge Emmett will travel to the White House on Monday to take part in a ceremony honoring the Harris County Citizen Corp.

The corp is a community preparedness program that has provided hands-on disaster training to more than seventeen thousand residents in our area.

During a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White house, President George W. Bush will recognize Judge Emmett and Mark Sloan, the county’s emergency management coordinator.

The organization received the Presidential “Call to Service Award” last year for coordinating thousands of volunteers to assist in the response to Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita in 2005.

As County Judge, Emmett is also head of the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.