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Reaction to the Obama/Biden Ticket.
August 23, 2008


The Democratic Party Ticket

The Democratic Party Ticket

By the time the emails and text messages were officially sent out, most people already had a good idea that Senator Barack Obama had selected Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware) to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

2 on the Beat heard this Saturday from a few delegates who are preparing to travel to Denver to attend the National Democratic Party Convention.

Most believe that Senator Biden, with his foreign affairs experience,  will help balance the ticket. 

A few are disappointed that Senator Hillary Clinton was not selected. 

Meanwhile Harris County Democratic Party Chair Gerry Birnberg released the following statement:

“With Joe Biden, Barack Obama has made an excellent choice for Vice President.  Senator Biden is a dedicated public servant, who brings a wealth of experience to the Democratic ticket.  He is widely respected as a leader on foreign policy and international relationships and is one of the nation’s leading experts on terrorism. Joe Biden has worked tirelessly to make our communities safer and will reinforce Senator Obama’s message of change that so many voters want.”

The Obama VP Watch – Staying Connected to your E-Mail
August 22, 2008


Ashley Minor keeps checking her e-mail

Ashley Minor keeps checking her e-mail

Could today be the day that Senator Barack Obama finally announces his choice for a VP running mate?

The Associated Press is reporting that U.S. Congressman Chet Edwards (D-Waco) is on the “short list” which also includes U.S. Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware), U.S. Senator Evan Bayh (D-Indiana), Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

The prospect of having Congressman Edwards  on the ticket is intriguing.  As a reporter that would certainly mean more trips to Waco for 2 on the Beat.

Would that put Texas, a traditionally red  republican state in play for the November Election?  We would certainly see more campaigning from ALL of the candidates in Texas, and more political advertising on TV.

Until the decision is announced, democrats like 23 year old Ashley Minor who volunteers with Houston for Obama,  are staying close to their cell phones, blackberries and computers.

Senator Obama will make his decision public by sending a text message to those who signed up.

That includes members of the media who have to report the news.

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