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Palin Power
October 25, 2008

2 on the Beat told you several weeks ago that the Harris County Republican Party was launching a fund raising effort to establish Governor Sarah Palin billboards.

Well, it looks like the party was successful because earlier this week I got a glimpse of one of the billboards.

The message is about making history and electing the first female vice president.

It’s clearly aimed at the republican faithful, independents and  woman voters,

2 on the Beat still thinks it’s  a little strange that Senator John McCain – who is on top of the ticket – is not pictured on the billboard. 

But let’s face it, Governor Palin is the one considered to have more star power.

While many accuse her of dragging down the campaign’s poll number,  others say Governor Palin has energized the base, inspired some women, and is drawing bigger and more enthusiastic crowds than her running mate.

Governor Sarah Palin Billboards
October 8, 2008

The Harris County Republican  Party is launching a new billboard project that features Governor Sarah Palin.

To see the billboard, please click here now.

According to Harris County Party Chairman Jared Woodfill, the message is simple: Republicans can make history on November 4th  by electing the first  woman vice president.

2 on the Beat  thinks it is a little odd to feature the vice presidential candidate without Senator John McCain, but Governor Palin has clearly become the star on that ticket.

She has motivated the republican base, and the local party wants to keep up the momentum to help down ballot candidates on election day.

Of course, making history is also the message in the Democratic Party.

Senator Barack Obama would become the first African American president if he is elected!