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She Sexually Abused Her Students and Must Now Pay the Price
October 23, 2008

Former teacher Brandy Lynn Gonzales was sentenced to a total of sixty years in prison today, after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting five of her students at Piney Point Elementary School.

Judge Mike  McSpadden handed down the tough, but appropriate sentence after listening to Gonzales  tearfully described how she had several encounters of “touching, oral sex and intercourse” with the victims.

At the time the boys were in the 5th grade and between the ages of 11 – 13.

Gonzalezs testified that some of the incidents with her former students took place in her classroom, at her home, and inside a movie theater where she took the boys to “encourage good behavior.”

Some of them were in court this morning, along with with their mothers, who at times appeared to be both angry and disgusted with the testimony from Gonzales.

Her attorney asked Judge McSpadden for “Mercy” while prosecutor Denise Oncken called her a “predator who preyed on the boys because they were easy prey. They all were diagnosed with some type of learning disability.”

In sentencing Gonzales, the judge also considered letters from some of their families. One mother said the encounters, “has broken my son into a million pieces.”

Judge McSpadden told Gonzales, “rather than educate our children, you chose to violate their trust in a horrific way.”

One less sexual predator on the street, and thankfully, no longer in your children’s classrooms.

(Gonzales husband is also facing sentencing for his involvement. 2 on the Beat will update you when that happens0