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Ice, Water, and Meals Ready to Eat
September 15, 2008

Lending a sympathetic ear


Posing for pictures


Solving Problems


Advising Rev. Ed Young and others at the Pod



This isn’t’ Mayor Bill White’s first Hurricane disaster response. (remember Hurricane’s Rita and Katrina), but this is the first time that he is at the helm after a devastating storm assaulted parts of Houston.

All eyes are on him, County Jude Ed Emmett and officials from FEMA.

Frustration levels are running high for some Hurricane Victims, but 2 on the Beat was surprised to hear so many people saying positive things about how the Mayor is leading the city (so far) during a time of  crisis.

The mayor  toured one Point of Distribution to watch as people, including entire families, were showing up to  get bags of ice, water and MRE’s, or meals ready to eat.