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No More PODs
September 21, 2008


PODs. They were great while they lasted!

PODs. They were great while they lasted!

Points of Distribution.

They provided water, ice and meals ready to eat for people who were hit hard by Hurricane Ike.

But according to a news alert from the Harris County Department of Homeland Security, the last two PODs closed on Sunday, September 21, and no more will be opened.

City, County, State and FEMA officials have decided that areas with water service, electricity and retail stores open to the public are generally considered to be self-sufficient, so that a POD is no longer needed.

 2 on the Beat hopes that is the right call. No one wants people to develop a long term dependence on getting free water, ice and MRE’s.

At the same time, relief workers and neighbors need to make sure they can step in and fill the void for those storm victims who may still be in need of a little more assistance.