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First Lady Plans Fundraising Trip To Houston
October 17, 2011

A few days ago, President Barack Obama announced his re-election campaign raised $70.1 Million.

Now we’re hearing that First Lady Michelle Obama is coming to Houston to add to the campaign coffers.

Local democratic party fundraisers are sending out notices urging people to start writing checks for a chance to meet FLOTUS and contribute to the re-election effort.

Here’s a copy of one I received from LaRence Snowden, a personal friend of Barack and Michelle Obama:

Yes, it’s that time again…

I am extremely honored to be a part of the committee bringing my friend, First Lady Michelle Obama to Houston on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 for two events! (it brings back memories of the campaign travel for 2008)
First, please consider joining us for a Reception at the Westin Oaks Galleria, at 3:30 pm. You can attend this event for $250 with the opportunity to hear Mrs. Obama speak about the important issues we are facing today (she is the ultimate surrogate for our President). Also, there will be a VIP reception with local dignitaries and a photo opportunity with the First Lady, at higher contribution levels.
The reception link provides details and contribution levels
The second event is a Private Dinner at a home in Houston. Each dinner guest will have the opportunity for a photo with the First Lady.
The dinner link provides details and contribution levels.
Two great events, one exciting evening…I hope you are able to attend one of them. Join me in making this a great evening as we welcome OUR First Lady to Texas. You will be inspired! Please make your contribution today so that we can show Texas size support for OUR President for the upcoming campaign…we must keep moving forward.
If you are able to attend, please let me know. In addition, I would be grateful if you would enter my name, LaRence Snowden in the box asking “who encouraged you to make this contribution.”
If you have any questions, please email me ( or give me a call at 713-302-1463. If you know of others who might be interested in either event please forward their names to me, and I will contact them as well (letting them know that you provided the connection). It will be a day to remember in Houston!!!
I am counting on you – join me on November 1st.

Astronaut and Political Fundraiser
September 22, 2011

Astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is scheduled to be the star attraction of a political fundraiser in November. 

Commander Kelly will appear in Houston on behalf of the Balance PAC,

The event will help raise money to re-elect Harris County democratic party incumbents in 2012.

More details will be released at a later date.

Congresswoman Giffords is still recovering from the gunshot wound to the head she suffered in January 2011 at the hands of  suspected shooter Jared Loughner.

After spending several months in a Houston rehabilitation hospital, she has returned to her home district and is well enough to participate in votes and policy discussions critical to her constituents.

Commander Kelly was mentioned as a possible replacement for his wife in the event her medical condition prevented her from seeking re-election, however, Congresswoman Giffords is seeking another term.

Governor Perry is Late to The Campaign But On Time for Contributions
August 31, 2011

Fresh off a weekend campaign swing through Iowa. Governor Rick Perry is making a stop in Houston today to raise cash for his presidential bid.

The evening begins with a private reception for sponsors and hosts followed by a private dinner just for sponsors.

The minimum cost to attend is $2,500, which is the legal limit per person.

How much money does his campaign team hope to rake in?

Sources tell me Perry’s campaign will raise about $3 Million during his Houston visit. (A source attending the Wednesday night reception says the figure has been revised up to $4 Million)

That’s not bad for a candidate who joined the GOP presidential primary late.

Perry’s campaign has put together what one national report called, “an impressive roster of bundlers who have each signed up to bring in sums ranging from $50,000 to $500,000.”

One source said the number was “multiples of President Obama’s bundlers.”

This is all positive news for Governor Perry who, according to several major political polls, is leading the pack of GOP hopefuls and closing in on President Barack Obama.

League of Women Voters Houston Celebrates 91 Years of Equality
August 26, 2011

Historic Day in History: On August 26, 1920, the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution went into effect giving women the right to vote.

Earlier this week, The League of Women Voters Houston gathered to celebrate the “courage, perseverance and achievements of women who fulfill the promise of the 19th Amendment.”

The Houston League is led by President Linda Cohn and Executive Director Christina Gorcynski.


Dozens of elected officials along with political candidates, civic and business leaders attended the Women’s Equality Day event at John Palmer Fine Art Gallery in the Heights.


The League Houston also recognized several rising stars. Recipients included: METRO’s Russ Frank,
environmental queen Catarina Gonzalez Cron, Shelly White Millwee of the American Heart Association and Cameron Waldner, Chief Service Officer for the City of Houston.




During the last decade, the Houston League distributed 1.5 million printed copies of its signature publication, The Voters Guide. Local League volunteers have also registered over 50,000 new voters.




You can sign up to volunteer or learn more at

Rate Gov. Perry As A Presidential Candidate
August 22, 2011

Governor Rick Perry returned from the presidential primary campaign trail and received a warm homecoming in Austin Saturday.

His campaign office scheduled a “meet and greet” at Abel’s Restaurant on Lake Austin.

The enthusiastic crowd consisted of long time supporters and staff members of the Governor’s state office.

I asked a couple of people in the crowd to rate the governor’s performance during his first week.

“He’a telling it like it is,” said one supporter.
“He’s always been outspoken and that’s what sets him apart from the other candidates,” said another.

Perry dominated most of the political headlines after he launched his campaign in South Carolina on the same day that other GOP candidates were participating in the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll. Following his national political debut, the governor drew mixed reaction for his controversial comments about the federal reserve chair and global warming.

After some down time in Austin. Perry is scheduled to return to the campaigning in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire.



Donna Brazile Headlines Annie’s List Fundraiser In Houston
April 8, 2011

Hundreds of politically minded Houstonians gathered Thursday to hear from democratic  strategist and television commentator Donna Brazile.

Brazile was in town to serve as keynote speaker for Annie’s List, an organization founded to elect progressive Democratic women to legislative and statewide offices.

The day before she appeared in Houston, Brazile she was tapped by the Democratic National Committee to serve as the interim chairwoman. 

She will serve in that role until May 4,  when DNC members are expected to approve President Obama’s selection of  Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the first woman in history,  to lead the national party.  Brazile assured the lunch crowd that  Wasserman Schultz’s leadership will get President Obama re-elected in 2012 and help democrats regain positions lost in the 2010 election. 

Brazile’s  timely visit  also gave her an opportunity to share her opinion about the looming federal government shutdown. “So much posturing is going on. The two big issues are funding for the EPA and Planned Parenthood,” noted Brazile. “An all out assault is going on and in the name of cutting the budget, they are (republicans) swinging an ax at women’s healthcare.”

A frequent guest on the Sunday morning political talk shows, Brazile is also a commentator for CNN. In 2000, she made history as the first African-American woman to lead a major presidential  campaign team when she served as campaign manager for Gore-Lieberman. 

While speaking to the crowd of  mostly women with a handful of men sprinkled in, Brazile encouraged Houstonians to become more engaged in the political process.  “This is our moment to speak up and get into the arena to fight,” she said.