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New Poll Shows A Tied Race For Governor Of Texas
June 22, 2010

As former Houston Mayor Bill White prepares to speak at the Democratic State convention later this week, he’s getting some good news about his campaign to defeat Rick Perry.
A new poll released today shows that Perry and White are deadlocked.
I’m rushing out to cover another news story, but I’ve posted the news release and link to Public Policy Polling:
(news release) 
Raleigh, N.C. –  Republicans have held the Texas governorship since George W. Bush
ousted is facing by far the closest contest with a Democratic challenger during that time. Since
PPP last polled the race exactly four months ago, former Houston Mayor Bill White has
brought incumbent Rick Perry from a 48-42 lead into a 43-43 tie. White has done that by
reversing a 47-36 Perry lead among independents to a 42-36 lead for himself.
In most states, in this Republican election year, not only is the Republican leading among
independents, but he is drawing more crossover support than the Democratic candidate.
Bill White continues to buck that trend, as he did in February’s poll, by garnering 15% of
Texas Republicans to Perry’s 10% of Democrats. Both candidates have seen more of
their own party’s voters go into the undecided column, bringing their partisan support
from the mid-80% range to the mid-70% range, with White still holding more of his own
base than Perry does.
Despite his precarious situation at home, many believe Perry has national ambitions.
Only 10% of his state’s voters, however, would like to see him run for president in 2012,
to 69% who would explicitly not want him to make that jump. The feeling cuts across
party lines, with even 61% of Republicans wanting him to stay home. PPP will release
numbers on Perry’s standing in the 2012 Republican field later in the week.
“Bill White has the potential to give Democrats their biggest bright spot on what will
probably overall be a bad election night in November,” said Dean Debnam, President of
Public Policy Polling. “A win in the Texas Governor race would be huge for the party
and instantaneously make White one of the most prominent Democrats in the country.”
PPP surveyed 500 Texas voters from June 19
is +/-4.4%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and weighting, may introduce
additional error that is more difficult to quantify.
Complete results are attached and can be found at