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Would You Vote For or Against Red Light Cameras In Houston?
August 8, 2010

 It  looks like Houston residents  will have a chance to vote on two controversial issues during the November election.

RENEW Houston seeks to pass a city charter amendment to impose a fee to repair flooding and drainage issues, and now a group wants voters to decide if the city should continue operating red light cameras.

The group  Citizens Against Red Light Cameras says it has collected enough signatures to require the city to place the measure on the ballot.

Should be a really interesting  election year.  The hot button topic of  red light cameras could help drive up voter turnout in a year that also boasts a gubernatorial election and several contested judicial races.

For Immediate Release

The grass roots group of citizens, known as Citizens Against Red Light Cameras will present petitions signed by Houston’s citizens who oppose the use of photogenic cameras in the City of Houston. The group led by Attorney Paul Kubosh will present over 30 thousand verified signatures to the city’s secretary. The citizens will gather on the steps of City Hall, Monday August 9, 2010 at 2pm. In attendance will be members of the clergy, housewives, community activists, students as well as a diverse group of Houstonians.

Citizens Against Red Light Cameras want the controversial cameras brought before the public on the November 2, 2010 election. Twenty-two thousand verified signatures are required by the City of Houston to place the measure on the ballot. The group collected the required signatures by mailing out petitions and by canvassing door to door in targeted precincts. Attorney Paul Kubosh said, “We were ecstatic at the response of the community. Many expressed how grateful they were for us taking the initiative to end the use of red light cameras in Houston.”