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RNC Chair Michael Steele Visits Houston – Not Everyone Enjoys The Experience
September 27, 2010

Somehow I missed the bus.

This past Saturday, I tried to get the Harris County Republican Party Headquarters on Richmond Avenue to take a few pictures of  RNC Chair Michael Steele as he rolled into town on the “Fire Nancy Pelosi” bus tour.

I arrived just in time to see the bus leaving town.

I did notice there was a small enthusiastic crowd snapping pictures of the bus, and I assume pictures of  Steele, before it departed for the next scheduled stop.

The bus tour didn’t get much local media coverage. 

Someone did send me a link to a report filed by local republican blogger, Big Jolly.

He writes about an encounter he had with on-site security. He says they threatened him for standing on the sidewalk while waiting to take pictures.

While Big Jolly is upset with how he was allegedly treated,  I’m sort of disturbed by his use of the words “black dude and black thug” 

No one else at the event is described by color or size.

Anyway, as I reported in the announcement about Steele’s plans to visit Houston, the “Fire Pelosi” bus tour is making its way cross-country. 

The message to republicans  and tea party members is – go vote in the midterm elections  and help the party regain control of  the U.S. Congress.