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Senator Barack Obama Makes History
August 27, 2008


 It was the moment democrats have been waiting for, and In the process the party made history by nominating the first African American to lead a major party ticket.

All eyes were on Senator Hillary Clinton when she stepped up to the microphone on the floor at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

She urged the delegates to suspend the roll call by state  to nominate Senator Barack Obama as the party’s candidate for president.

“With eyes firmly fixed on the future, and in the spirit of unity with the goal of victory, with faith in our party and our country,”  Senator Clinton said, “let’s declare together with one voice right here, right now that Barack Obama is our candidate and will be our president.”

The move by Senator Clinton left a few of her staunchest delegates in tears, but it avoided a bitter floor fight and may have helped move the party another step closer to unity.

While most delegates cast their votes for Obama, some stood firm and kept their pledge to nominate Clinton.

Senator Hillary Clinton
August 26, 2008

Senator Hillary Clinton
Senator Hillary Clinton

“No way, no how, no McCain”

That is probably one of the most memorable lines from the speech given Tuesday night by Senator Hillary Clinton.

Clinton received a standing ovation and her speech was interrupted several times by applause.

speaking to delegates

speaking to delegates

She looked and sounded sincere, but democrats won’t know the full strength of  her speech until the roll call vote is taken at the convention on Wednesday.

Clinton says she will release her delegates in a show of  unity and support for Senator Barack Obama.

But, some groups are urging Clinton Delegates to stand firm and fulfill their promise to nominate her to be the democratic party nominee for president.

Groups like PUMA (which 2 on the Beat blogged about last week) and Just Say No to Unity, argue that if all Clinton delegates cast their vote  according to their pledge, then Obama and Clinton would be tied and the Super Delegates would have to weigh in and decide the party’s candidate.

Most political experts believe that Clinton delegates will fight to the bitter end, but the majority will support Obama  for president.