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Palin Targets Texas After Debate
October 2, 2008


Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is heading to Texas after Thursday night’s debate against Senator Joe Biden

She was supposed to come to Houston, but Hurricane Ike blew those plans out!

Palin will attend two sold-out fundraisers. A luncheon in Dallas and a reception in San Antonio.

Texas Republicans say the sold out events are  an indication that “Palin Power” hasn’t waned, even if the vice presidential nominee is being criticized for a less than stellar performance during a recent network interview.

A newly released Washington Post poll indicates that some people, conservatives included, have lost confidence in her ability to lead.

Governor Palin could turn the tide back in her favor with a great performance during the debate.

2 on the Beat hasn’t heard any official estimate on just how much Palin is expected to collect during her Texas fund raising tour.

This is another indication of how national candidates, both democrats AND republicans use Texas as an ATM/automatic teller machine.

The state is expected to go for McCain in November, and none of the national candidates will spend much time or money in the Lone Star State.