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Senator KBH Becomes Victim of Cruel E-Mail Hoax
July 7, 2010

First let me assure you that the senior ranking United States Senator from Texas is alive and well.

But, that didn’t stop some sicko  from circulating a very authentic looking email to the news media announcing the death of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, allegedly as a result of breast cancer.

KPRC Local 2 contacted Senator KHB’s spokesperson, Courtney Sanders, who confirmed the Senator is alive and the office is trying to track down the source of the cruel and *fake*  email, which you can read below:

Politics Daily is also reporting that Senators Leahy, Feinstein and others were targeted.

****fake email/internet hoax****
From the office of United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Media Contact – Courtney Sanders,

Dear  — Confidential.

We are in the process of notifying media nationwide of the passing of US Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) earlier this morning at her home in Dallas of breast cancer. She was 66. Our statement to the media is below. Should you have any questions of an urgent nature, please call our senate staff member Courtney Sanders at . We are extremely busy during this time of grief, but we welcome your calls of much needed support.
****fake email/internet hoax****


United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), who built a reputation as an independent voice in the Senate and for working with both Democrats and Republicans to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing Texas and Washington, passed away of breast cancer at age 66 early Wednesday morning, July 7 at 5:46AM EST in her home in Dallas. The Republican Senator from Texas, known best for her national security and economic initiatives in the Senate, will be missed by all Americans regardless of their political colors or creed.

END RELEASE/****fake email/internet hoax****