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Will Sheriff Thomas Meet the Debate Deadline?
September 30, 2008

UPDATE: Sheriff Thomas DID debate Council member Garcia.

Sources tell 2 on the Beat that Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas has until the close of business this Tuesday to decide whether he will participate in a televised debate.

The League of Women voters has tried to organize the debate between the Republican incumbent sheriff 

and his Democratic opponent Houston City council member Adrian Garcia.

Garcia has accepted,  but citing his busy schedule in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Sheriff Thomas hasn’t committed to the debate.

Mary Easterly, the sheriff’s campaign manager, told 2 on the Beat that the Sheriff never committed to the debate.

“Sheriff Thomas is willing to debate Mr. Garcia, that’s not the issue,” said Easterly, “The issue is the Sheriff’s schedule. He and deputies are working twelve hour days as a result of the storm.”

She says they have proposed October 30 as an alternate date for the debate.

Meanwhile, the debate is scheduled to be taped on Wednesday, and broadcast this Thursday night, October 2, on Channel 8/PBS.

A source tells 2 on the Beat that if the Sheriff doesn’t show, Garcia will answer questions alone.

An empty chair will be left on stage to note the sheriff’s absence.