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UTMB Layoffs: The Aftermath
November 19, 2008

job applicants

job applicants

Gail Jones
Gail Jones

It’s a new day, and a new opportunity for many of the UTMB employees who are being given their walking papers.

Many of  them showed up at a job fair Wednesday morning that is being held by St. Joseph Hospital in Downtown Houston.

St. Joseph is trying to fill vacant positions in nursing and other departments throughout the hospital.

2 on the Beat had a chance to meet Gail Jones, who was laid off by UTMB after 20+ years working at the Galveston Island medical facility.

Jones says she is devastated but she is trying to remain optimistic.

If there is any good news its this: despite some really tough economic times the health care industry is strong.

For instance, St. Joseph is treating more patients, and is expanding.  The hospital is always hiring more physicians and other personnel.

The hospital plans another job fair on Friday in conjunction with Nursing Magazine.

Next month St. Joseph will hold a job fair in Galveston.